WIP Roundup

9 Jan

Well, I finished the Hermione hat, but in a quick bit of irony it managed to heat up to 70 degrees outside, so the whole purpose of a hat was moot. Needless to say, I don’t have any FO pics for you of that one. I do, however, have a few WIP pictures.

First off are the Embossed Leaves socks in the Sanguine Gryphon yarn, colorway Taiwan. I finished the first one before Christmas, but had presents to take care of first. I cast on for the second sock at knit nite tonight.

It uses a K1P1 tubular cast on, which is super stretchy and which I love very much. It may be my new favorite cast on for top down socks. So far, as you can see, I have about 5 rounds of ribbing knit.

Next up is the Clover Shawl, which I am still working on and probably will be until the end of time itself. I have completed the lower pattern and am currently working on a bit of a transition panel – the part with the straight line of holes at the top.

I was hoping to get more done over Christmas break, but in a stroke of sheer brilliance I misplaced the pattern. And somehow, I’ve managed to be off the stitch count by about 6 stitches. Because I am lazy and this is a really innocuous part of the pattern, I just decreased them away! Of course, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t have just caused myself a ton of problems in the future. As this is me we’re talking about, I may have.

Pincushion included for scale

I’ve got about a quarter of this chart done, then I’ll move to the boring clover leaf chart, which should go fairly quickly. If I ever get there. I’m down to about 340 stitches on the needles right now, which is about half of what I started with. Still, the rows feel unbearably long, and bore me to tears. I’m beginning to think I don’t like knitting this thing. We’ll see how it goes when I get down to under 250 stitches. Ha!

And you know what? That’s all the WIPs I have on the needles! Amazing, I know, but there you have it. Unfortunately, knitting time has been scarce around here lately, as I’ve had other things to be dealing with. I’m trying to keep going and have things to show you, though. Next time, there will be proper FO pics of the hat, and a finished quilt block!



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