The best laid plans…

6 Jan

I had plans to blog. I started a hat Thursday. I was going to show you all the first 20 rows of ribbing, discuss how much I love the pattern but hate ribbing, and then spend a few words discussing hats in general and what hats I plan to knit in the near future. Yeah, the post is already written.

Then, I looked down. And noticed that my hat, rather than being a few rows of ribbing, looked like this, with crossed cables and everything!

And so I was going to blog about how fast the hat is progressing, and how fun and mindless and wonderful it is. How the yarn, Encore Worsted, is soft and squishy and I love that it is machine washable. How I can’t wait to wear this hat because it’s freezing outside these days and how the hat actually fits so I can wear it. Yet, while that post was still in the inception stage in my brain, the hat managed to get to this point:

I fully plan to finish the hat today, to be honest, as I have 15 rounds left, and those contain the crown decreases. Somehow this project has just gotten away from me! I guess that’s the beauty of hats, though; they are quick and easy, and you can knit them basically anywhere! Look for an FO post in the next day or two!



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