Dear Santa

4 Dec

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year, I really really promise. You can ask my Mom, I’m sure she’ll vouch for me. You can ask GP, too, right after I’ve finally cooked him a nice dinner (for what would be the first time in a while).

For Christmas this year, I would like the following, though not necessarily in this order.

1. More time. In each day, I mean. Just like, 3 or so hours more each day should be sufficient.

2. More storage space. We really could use it, and it wouldn’t just be for me, but for GP and the animals, too.

3. The ability to actually wake up when the alarm goes off, rather than hitting snooze for a long time. I know, this is probably something I could take care of myself with a bit of effort, but I’m lazy and think it would be easier if you could do it for me.

4. A completed thesis project and early graduation. We can discuss the specifics later. Oh, and I’d need a job to go with it.

5. A stress free life. Stop laughing.

6. Lots and lots of sock yarn. Any kind, any color, and pretty much any fiber is fine with me! I don’t even care if it isn’t superwash, I’ll still take it!

I reiterate, I have been a good girl all year long, and I promise to be extra good for the last few weeks of it. Starting Saturday. Thank you for your consideration, I will leave extra milk and cookies out this year. Homemade cookies with extra chocolate chunks.





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