It’s beginning to look…

1 Dec

A lot like Christmas around here!

The Friday after Thanksgiving GP and I cleaned the house up and got out our Christmas decorations! The tree is up, lit, and decked with all our ornaments.

The stockings are hung on…the wall. Because we have no fireplace or mantel. I made these stockings 3 years ago, for our first Christmas as a couple! This one is GP’s. In fact, these were the first socks I ever made, and really my first ever FO that’s worth talking about and not burning.

Yes, it does fit GP’s foot. This yellow one is mine. It is sad and strange looking.

Why is it strange looking, you ask? Well, after I knit GP’s stocking, I started on my own. Then, I went home for the holidays and forgot to take the pattern with me. Naturally, me being me, I thought I knew what I was doing. So when it came time to do the gusset decreases, I went to town! Except, rather than doing them properly (one decrease each side of the foot), I did decreases as you would for a toe, two decreases on each side. See?

The toe isn’t right, either, since I forgot how to do that too. I accidentally made a round toe, which is fine and looks okay. I keep saying I’m going to rip it out and re-knit the foot; I still have the yarn, in fact. Maybe I will, after the holidays are over and I can do it at my leisure. Maybe I won’t and I’ll just make new ones in a few years. Either way, I love these stockings! They’re interesting and unusual, and it makes the holiday decorations that much more ours.



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