Friday WIP Roundup

16 Nov

I am sad. The leaves have started to change and are absolutely beautiful! But….sadly they are starting to fall off the trees. This makes me sad. I love the changing of the leaves, the bright colors everywhere, and just the fresh feel in the air. Doesn’t hurt that the colors of autumn are my favorite colors!

Anyway, here’s an update on GP’s scarf:

I currently have 4.5 of 7 repeats done, and am hoping to finish it within the next week. We may only need to go to 6 repeats to get it long enough, so that could save a bit of time. Weaving in all those ends will take the longest amount of time. I’ve debated on whether to stop now and weave in what ends there already are, but I think I’ll just torture myself when it’s all over. ‘Cause then I can tell you all how I’m ready to rip my eyes out about halfway through.

The Composed Mitts haven’t been touched since the last time I blogged about them. I will finish them this weekend! No arguing, and I don’t want to hear a peep from the new sock yarn! I will finish things before I start anything new!

Right, so. The Clover Shawl. I have knit on it. A little. A very little. Oh, alright, I knit a whopping 1 row on it last night. The rows still have over 500 stitches, and it was a purl back row, and it just got on my nerves so I shoved the whole thing back in the plastic bag and pushed it to the bottom of the WIP bag and pretended not to notice it was there. Then I went to bed.

Now, I knew going in that this shawl would be a long term project, but it seems to have gotten a bit ridiculous. Poor thing just keeps getting set aside for other projects that need to be finished in a timely fashion. So I’ve decided that this shawl will be the traveling shawl come Christmas time. We’ll be doing a lot of flying and driving over the holidays, so I should be able to complete a good chunk of the shawl then, if not finish it completely. At any rate, telling myself that soothes my conscience a little as far as this particular WIP is concerned.



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