A Properly Knit Scarf

12 Nov

While I was working on Clarence, GP mentioned that he would like a new scarf this winter. I thought he might like the Campus Scarf from Interweave’s Scarf Style (sorry for the no links, too much trouble with the dial up). GP agreed, so we went surfing for yarn. Settled on several earthy tones of a wool/alpaca blend. Mmmm, alpaca.

Here is the scarf after surviving the harrowing events of the last post. I have actually about doubled it in length by now (I’m almost half done), but it is raining outside so you get to see an old picture. You may notice it’s a very simple pattern and wonder how I could have messed it up so badly. I wonder the same thing.

I think it’s coming along really nicely! The colors are manly and the frequent color changes make it interesting but still simple to knit. It’s a simple ribbing pattern which keeps it laying flat and also makes it nice and reversible. And it matches the colors in GP’s closet, which is always important!

Anyway, I will be heading back to the land of high speed internet soon and I’ll have a bit more knitting to show you by then. No doubt bloglines will tell me I have a gazillion unread posts, so I’ll be a busy playing catch up!



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