How (not) to Knit a Scarf

9 Nov

1. Check out book with scarf pattern from library.

2. Acquire yarn.

3. Begin knitting, reading directions as you go.

4. Decide directions are wrong. Knit as you think it should be done, disregarding the rest of the directions which you have previously found faulty.

5. Finish 1/7 of scarf, go to bed.

6. Wake up. Look at scarf. Decide scarf looks…not right.

7. Look at picture of scarf in book. Read entire pattern.

8. Realize pattern, not you, was right.

9. Frog.

10. Spend morning reknitting 1/7 of scarf, properly this time. Make sure to be mad at self while reknitting.

11. Ponder the fact that you (and by you I mean me) are a grown woman, about to turn 26, and you still are unable to follow directions.

12. Blog about it so the whole world will know of your incompetence.



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