The Scarf that Knit Itself

7 Nov

So I feel ill with a case of insomnia Saturday night and stayed up late finishing my new scarf. And by finishing I mean finishing knitting, weaving in ends, and blocking the sucker. I call it Clarence.

Pattern: Scarf with Clarence Border from Weldon’s, 1889 (love those names!)
page 81, Victorian Lace Today

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I won at the County Fair (you have to read that with a hick accent, ya’ll) about 1 and a third skeins (maybe 300 yards, max)

Needles: Size 6 Susan Bates straights

Modifications: Basically, I only knit half the pattern or so. The pattern calls for a thicker lace weight, and I used a worsted. Instead of knitting three repeats of the border, I knit one and a half, stopping on row 20 the second way through. I picked up 30 stitches and knit the elongated stitch pattern until it was long enough, then knit on the second border. Super easy, and finished in just a week!

To block, I soaked the whole thing in warm water plus some Soak, then hung it over the shower curtain to dry. The next morning, When the body portion was dry but the border ends weren’t, I pinned out the borders to open up the lace pattern.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! It’s light and warm and soft, and the color is just fabulous!



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