Harvest Socks

6 Nov

Okay, so with Fall Back and all that, there has been zero time to get quality pictures of the new scarf. It’s not all that exciting anyway (except to me, really) so I’m sure you can hold out a bit longer. If not, too bad, come back later.

Right, so. I started a sock on Sunday and managed to knit most of the foot while watching a football game that afternoon, the Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned. This is Miss Babs sportweight superwash sock yarn in the Harvest colorway. I am ridiculously in love with this yarn. More please?!?

I started with the figure 8 cast on – 8 stitches on each side, so 16 stitches total. Increased to 54 stitches, realized sock could fit Abominable snowman, ripped back to 48 stitches total. Much nicer.

While watching our Monday night TV last night (yea for Heroes!) I turned the heel and started on the leg. I used the PGR short row heel, which involves YOs instead of wraps. I fell prey to that most terrible of problems with this method…the small holes.

Yes, the YO method often causes small holes to appear at the location of the short row turns. Since this was my first time using this technique, I’m not so upset about it. Still, I think I’ll stick with short row wraps in the future; I find them easier than the YOs anyway.

So that’s the knitting update for now. I’m leaving tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I will of course take knitting and do my best to blog, but no promises. I will be in the Land of Dial Up, searching for a location with free wireless. It remains to be seen if the exotic Land of Wireless can be located in the particular region I will be visiting.


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