Fun with Friends

4 Nov

Yesterday Elke had Melinda, Karen and me over for lunch, camaraderie, and fibery goodness. So we ate, commented on the lack of rain and nice cool weather, observed that we are old ladies, and then got down to business.

Karen brought her swift and ball winder, so you know winding ensued!

Balling up yarnBy the time we had finished, we had balled up this much yarn:

A lot of yarnNo, it’s not all mine. Only four are. (I only wound three skeins. One was such a tangled mess we had to *gasp* cut it.)

Melinda learned how to spin on Elke’s wheel!

Elke and I went to town on her Wicked, and frogged the thing to death! Yes, it took two people, as she was alternating balls of yarn every other row to prevent pooling. Me, I don’t care so much about the pooling. Maybe I should.

FroggingWhile I wasn’t winding or frogging or eating, I worked on my new scarf. I managed to finish the entire center portion. Late last night, in a fit of insomnia enough to drive a girl mad, I finished the entire scarf. Then wet blocked it. Right now the lacy borders are pinned out on the floor drying. I predict it is going to be fabulous, and I hope to have some pictures soon.



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