WIP Roundup

1 Nov

Let’s start with the oldest, shall we?

Here we have the Clover Shawl, also known as “Three cornered shawl with clover leaf border” from Victorian Lace Today. It’s been on the needles a good long while, and has been knit on while traveling and in between other smaller projects. It was put on a long hold while I did the Girl’s Best Friend. I’m ready to get this one going again!

I was too lazy to pin it out.

Next up are the Composed Mitts. I successfully finished the first one on Sunday, including weaving in all the eleventy billion ends. I haven’t cast on for the second one yet, but will soon now that they can actually be useful. The first one took a while to complete, but once I sat down and dedicated an afternoon to it, it went by really quickly. Should be able to finish the second one in just a couple of days after casting on. Guess that means I actually need to cast on, though! Oh yeah, and then I’m going to make a hat to wear along with them. Or on its own, ’cause no one likes to be too matchy-matchy.

Is it just me, or does my thumb look really strange?

That brings me to my newest project! You may remember I won some yarn at a contest at the LYS. I need a new scarf for the winter, since I only have one made of alpaca and another plastic-fleece scarf from Old Navy that is about 7 or 8 years old and has had many a coffee spill on it.

Anyway, I was going to be all adventurous and design my own scarf. I cast on at SAFF, didn’t like the result, and frogged it. Now I’m making “Scarf with Clarence border from Weldon’s, 1886” from Victorian Lace Today. Can you tell I like the patterns in that book? And aren’t the names of the patterns so good and descriptive? I’ve done a really simple modification, I’ll tell you all about the project later. For now, I’m pleased and have about a quarter to a third of the total length I’ll need for a good warm scarf.

The color is okay here. Its a nice purple hue with red flecks.

And finally, we have the Counterpane Pullover of Shame. Ever since the last time I posted about it, the poor sweater has lived here:

Oh, the Shame!

Only, it hasn’t been sitting on the dining room table, but stuffed in the back of the closet, kept far from the eyes of decent human beings everywhere. I think it’s time to come to terms with a few things regarding this sweater. It is knit out of Wool-Ease (and feels like 100% acrylic, despite the wool content). On size 13 needles (which make my hands cramp up). My gauge is off, so the smallest size is coming out too large on my medium sized torso. And let’s face it – even if it was made out of cashmere, I still wouldn’t wear it.

So it will be going for a swim in the frog pond. Not sure what I’ll do with the yarn; maybe just drop it off at Goodwill. I know I’ll never find a good use for it!

Well, that’s all the WIPs for now! Hopefully I’ll have an FO to show you next week, and maybe a few more in the weeks to come. Hope everybody had a great Halloween and didn’t eat to much candy!



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