I have Startitis. Again.

22 Oct

I have lost the will to work on my current projects, and feel the need to start something new. Thing is, there isn’t really anything I want to start knitting on, either. Well, sure, there are lots of things I could make and would like to, but nothing is yelling at me off the page or screen, telling me I must make it now or will forever be lacking and empty. Anyway. I’m attempting to medicate the Startitis by tackling crafts other than knitting. ‘Cause maybe I can fool it. You never know.

I spent a good deal of my weekend here:

There isn’t enough room in our apartment for a dedicated sewing area, so I have set up shop on some TV trays strategically placed both close to the computer and facing the television. I also spent a good amount of time here, ironing. I love ironing, but I hate my iron. It likes to leak water everywhere, which is annoying when the piece you need to sew next is wet.

I did get a few things made, though! The top pictures of the montage are the No Cash Wallet from Bend the Rules Sewing. It was quick and easy, and a great way to use up the odd sized bit of scrap fabric. The bottom pics are of one of the sock project bags I finished. These would have been super easy had I actually planned them out before hand, rather than making it up as I went and finding out that things don’t really work so well in sewing when you just wing it. Still, I’m pleased with how they turned out.

The big project bag (laying by the sewing machine, above) needs a length of ribbon to pull through it, and a contrasting upper binding, then it will be finished. On the ironing board in the second picture in this post are a few of the pieces of my new bag-to-be. I’m really loving the pattern, it is simple and easy. I may have it finished in a week, depending on how much time I find to work on it. There are things of more importance I need to finish first (like that shawl that I still need to buy more beads for, but I am lazy and haven’t done it yet)!

While doing all this fabric related craftiness this weekend, I managed to stumble upon something I never thought I would like. Turns out, I love it!

This little bit of embroidery was so fun to do! It took very little time, needed no real thought, and left me with a cute little embellishment for my bag. I think there may be more embroidery work in my future!


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