Saturdays are for Sewing

20 Oct

Well, part of them, anyway. I’ll be knitting at a soccer game this morning.

Right, so. I finally got my hands on a copy of Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing, and it is everything all the reviews said it would be!

So of course I ran out to the fabric store and picked up some stuff to make a new purse, because my purse has gotten too small and is starting to look worn out. Besides, who doesn’t like a one of a kind bag? Here’s an example of what it will kind of look like.

Don’t you just love the autumnal colors? (The checked part under is the ironing board, ignore that.) I went in with this idea of using a really contemporary design for the colorful sections, but fell in love with this instead! I was going to line the bag with the colorful print as well as having sections of it on the outside, but I don’t think I can stand to relegate that beautiful fabric to a purse lining. So I’ll be saving it for something else.

Now, last Wednesday at Knit Nite, Karen, Melinda and I were looking at these little project bags that the shop carries. We thought the prices were kind of high for how little work went into them and for the quality of the fabric. A few minutes of chit chat later, and I just decided to make my own project bags! I picked up two fat quarters:

I think the red print will go on to be a larger sized bag, for shawls and scarves and the like, while the yellow print will make 2 smaller sock sized project bags. There you go, three bags for $5 with minimal effort!

I’ll report back on the sewing efforts soon! Have a good weekend, ya’ll!



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