A Girl’s Best Friend

17 Oct

That’s actually the name of this pattern, believe it or not. (It’s a diamond pattern. Diamonds, get it? Took me awhile, to be honest, I’m not that quick.) It’s intended to be a wedding shawl, and it would definitely be luxurious in this particular yarn.

Silk Diamonds

I have finished knitting all of the diamond charts, and am on the edging with about 9 rows left to go. You would think I should be able to finish that in one evening, right? Well, I would, if it wasn’t for all the beads!

Silk Diamonds

I mean, just look at all the beads on the bottom edge, in the picture above. That’s a bead every stitch or two, all the way across the row, every other row! It seriously takes almost an hour to finish a single beaded row, then about 5 minutes to work the next non-beaded row. It’s a bit frustrating, to be honest, but the result is lovely! If I can buckle down and work 2 or 3 rows a night (I’m easily distracted, not to mention lazy) I should be able to finish it in a week. That will be just before the deadline of the end of the month!

Silk Diamonds

What I like in particular is the way the purple beads give a sort of shaded effect to the shawl. At the top of the shawl, the purple is in very rare spots. As the eye travels down the shawl, the amount of purple increases, giving a slight illusion of a color change. I think it’s pretty neat!

I’m going to run out of beads, though. The pattern calls for 1550 (I don’t think I have that many) but my calculations tell me I need 1583 (weird number, huh?). I don’t think the designer actually counted the number of beads used, but just guessed instead. I shall count them, though, and dutifully report back once I’m all finished! Thank goodness the bead shop had several more vials of this particular bead.



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