Dear Stuart

7 Oct

Dear Fat Cat Stuart,

Please stop playing with the yarn. I mean, come on, I made you some kitty toys out of acrylic once and stuffed them with catnip and you didn’t play with them at all. Yet you go for the Alpaca and the Silk/Cashmere as soon as I leave the room. What are you, a Fiber Snob?

Seriously, I understand the pull of high quality, shiny smooth yarn. I’m a knitter, I get it, okay? But as a knitter, I don’t like to have to weave in 87 ends because the cat (that’d be you) keeps biting the yarn and breaking it off from the WIP.

Also, you’re not supposed to be on the table, which is where I have been leaving the knitting for the past few days. You’re in all sorts of trouble!

So please, for the sake of my sanity, step away from the knitting. Or no more treats for you!




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