County Fair

4 Oct

The county fair is in town, woohoo! GP and I have not gone, in part because I was sick this weekend, and in other part because we are too busy to get out and enjoy the fair culture.

Fair culture is interesting; you get a broad mix of people and vendors from all over with various ways of doing things. For better examples, I suggest you listen to Bill Engvall discuss the topic. Having been to small county fairs and the State Fair of Texas, I can assure you that all he says is completely accurate.

Anyway, last night at knit nite we had our own little county fair competition! The week before we had an Ugly Betty competition, where everyone brought in their most hideous creation. Unfortunately, all of my really pathetic things from early in my knitting days have been thrown out, so all I had to enter was this orange fun fur/worsted weight short cabled scarf. I didn’t win, because there were sadder things there.

So back to last night. I entered my Tangled Yoke Cardigan in to the “fair” because it is my most favorited FO on Ravelry.

And I won! Yea! Here’s the fantastic prize I won:

Sorry for the picture quality. I took it on my cell phone this morning.

It’s Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the colorway 6297. Very helpful, I know. It’s either a really dark brown or black (I haven’t looked hard enough) with nice red highlights throughout. Perfect for me! I was just thinking earlier this week that I need a new scarf, and here some yarn fell in my lap. Now I just have to figure out what pattern! Any suggestions?

I have only knit a few rows on the silver shawl since I last blogged about it, because I’m supposed to be working on my presentation for tomorrow. Somehow or another, though, I must have fallen down and accidentally cast on for something else, because there is definitely a new WIP on my nightstand. I am a bad bad student.



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