Ooo, Sparkly!

2 Oct

I know, I know! The poll said to go with clear glass beads to just add some sparkle to the shawl. Believe me, we looked for them, but couldn’t find any! So ultimately, we decided on the next best thing.

Ooo! Purple!

I think the purple beads really pull out the hints of blue and purple in the yarn. It’s quite a good match, actually, and the beads don’t detract too much from the simple lace pattern.

I cast on Saturday, and so far I’ve done 2 repeats of the first chart and have one more to go before moving on to the next chart. Then just one repeat of the next 4 charts (two of which are a whopping 2 rows) and stick a fork in it. I’m knitting on a deadline and need to have this finished by the end of October. I definitely think I can manage that! Right now we’re at the Sting Ray stage. See what I mean?

Maybe if you tilt your head and squint you’ll see the sting ray appear. Kinda like those optical illusion pictures everyone used to have in the 90’s. Those were awesome!

And of course, the gratuitous close up for all the lace lovers out there. For some reason the color is way off on this picture, and despite my best efforts it staunchly maintained an interesting hue. Whatever. Sometimes the yarn wants to express itself artistically, and who am I to deny it?

Yellow background and black beads. Definitely not the correct colors.

You know, I was a little worried and nervous about this whole “knitting with beads” thing. Now, though, I find it to be really fun! I borrowed a teeny tiny crochet hook from Karen so I can get those beads on really quick like. I actually find myself slightly bored by the regular rows and constantly looking at the chart to figure out when I get to the next beaded row. Do you guys know how to add beads using the crochet hook method? It’s super easy once you get the hang of it.

So now that all I have on the needles are major lace projects, I’m itching for something a bit more simple. Well, technically I still have the Counterpane Pullover on the needles, but it’s still too hot to knit on that behemoth. And all I have in the stash is yarn for a multicolored stranded project and more lace weight. Looks like I’ll just have to power through!

Knitting may be a little slow for the rest of the week. I have a presentation in front of a group of cancer biologists on Friday, and I am slightly nervous. I’m a virologist who studies cancer on the side, and the cancer biologists at our institution are brutal. There may be shedding of both tears and blood.



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