Sick Day

27 Sep

Well, I took the day off sick today, because I feel like death warmed over. I think I’ve been fighting this cold off for awhile now, and it’s finally caught up to me. While I was curled up on the couch all day, I managed to finish the first of the Nameless Blue socks.

I’m quite pleased with it! I’ve got a rough draft of the pattern written up in 3 different sizes. This one is the largest size, and should fit up to about a 9.5 inch foot circumference, since the lace pattern is quite stretchy.

After that, I cast on to make one in the medium size (should fit up to a 8.5 inch foot) in a solid color. Looks pretty good so far!

As always, click on the pictures to huge-ify. I should have this sock finished sometime next week, and I’ll post the pattern for anyone interested. I think I’ll also have a poll to help decide what to name it; there have been some really nice suggestions!

That’s about it for now, I’m off to use up the rest of the box of Kleenex.



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