26 Sep

Monday night I turned the heel on the Nameless Blue Sock, and knit on happily about a third of the way up the leg. I tried it on regularly to make sure it was fitting, and managed to exist in a fine state of knitterly denial for quite some time. Finally, last night I ripped back and re-did the heel. It just wasn’t fitting right, and there is no need for an ill fitting sock. Now it’s redone and fits great. That is all the knitting news I have for you, because I spent quite a while knitting in denial before I came to my senses.

Okay, so. If you’ve ever spent more than an hour with me, no doubt you have heard me utter the term “coffee” fairly regularly. I, Gena, am a coffee addict.

Oh, you say you don’t believe me? You say you need proof? Well, short of actually testing my blood or whatever bodily liquid it is that caffeine can be found in, I will show you in pixel proof. Pictures, that is.

Here I show you my various coffee makers. From left to right you have a French press (on top of the microwave, in front of the radio), your run of the mill (although high end) drip coffee maker, followed lastly by the espresso maker. Yes, I need them all and would be lost without them. They are my precious-es.

Next up for the Gena-has-a-coffee-dependency-problem is article number 2. This is my coffee grinder which I use every morning to grind my coffee beans. This makes a world of difference in the actual taste of your coffee, if you didn’t know. My grinder can be set for up to 12 cups and can grind to three different levels. Takes the guess work out of trying to grind finely, but not too finely. Sorry for the blurry picture, apparently the grinder is camera shy.

Lastly, we have the most condemning evidence: the coffee stash. The knitters out there understand the awesome power of stashing and its many benefits. If you’ve been reading long enough, you know I don’t stash yarn. I have a fear of too much yarn in the house attacking me for not having been used quickly enough. Well, that and the budget just can’t take it. Instead, I stash coffee, apparently in the fear that the world will run out of coffee in the imminent future.

That’s about 6 lbs of coffee right there. Just waiting to supply my morning caffeine jolt and keep me happy. I also have a small collection of teas, but as most of those are caffeine free, I do not include them here. Wait, no. I think all my current teas are imbued with caffeine. Dang.
Okay, anyway, I love me some good fresh coffee. Now you know the secret to my everlasting sarcasm and wit. Go forth, ye readers, with good coffee and good cheer!



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