One Hour Headband

20 Sep

Yes, this was going to be cabled. I changed my mind. I can do that. I have decided to write up a pattern in case anyone decides they want to make one too.

Click the pictures to huge-ify.

This very simple headband utilizes a variation of Brioche stitch, plaited brioche. It took about an hour to make, hence the name. In this pattern, all slipped stitches are done so purlwise. The resulting fabric is light and springy, with lots of stretch and a somewhat lacy appearance (not that it shows in these pictures). The finished size can easily be made longer or shorter by adding or subtracting stitches in multiples of two.

Yarn: Crystal Palace Aran Marl, colorway 3007 (substitute any dk, aran, or light worsted yarn)
Needles: Size US 6 straights or circulars, size 6 DPNs
Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch. Row gauge isn’t that important..
Finished measurements: 26 inches long X just over 1 inch wide.


Cast on 70 stitches. The first stitch of each row is slipped with the yarn in back. Bring the yarn forward between stitches before beginning Set up row 2-Row 4.

Set up row 1: *YO, sl1, k1, repeat from * to end, knit last edge stitch
Set up row 2: P1, *sl YO from previous row, p2, repeat from *
Row 1: *P2tog (a stitch and a YO), YO bring yarn forward (YF), sl 1, repeat from*
Row 2: *sl YO over first st and put on right hand needle, p2, repeat from *
Row 3: *YO, YF, sl 1, p2tog (st and YO), repeat
Row 4: p1, *sl YO over st and put on RH needle, p2, repeat, ending sl1 p1.

Work rows 1-4 one more time. Do not work set up rows again.

Bind off purl wise, working paired stitches and yarn overs as a P2tog, as you did in the pattern.

Make ties: Pick up and knit 7 stitches in the slipped stitches of short edges. Working as icord, Knit 1 row.
Next row k2tog, k3, k2tog. Knit one row. Repeat these two rows 2X more, until 3 stitches remain. Work icord until tie measures 3 inches in length, or as long as needed to be able to tie around your head.
Repeat on other end.

Steam lightly to block.

Tie around your head. I have a really small head (21 inches from top to nape), and had to tie my headband at the edges of the pattern. You can easily adjust this according to the size of you own head, which may or may not be different than mine.



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