Instant Gratification

18 Sep

Thanks so much, everyone, for the nice compliments on my Tangled Yoke! I’m glad you like it. Thanks also for the kind thoughts and prayers for my Grandma. She came through surgery and is in recovery, and it appears that the cancer has not spread! She’s not quite out of the woods yet, since that was a big surgery for an octogenarian, but we are very hopeful.

Back to happy knitty things:

It always seems that after I finish a big project I want to knit something easy that will give me instant gratification. I had a dishrag weekend to fulfill this need!

The blue one on the left I knit on Saturday, while watching GP’s soccer game, then finished that night watching TV. The pattern is here.

The circular one I started Saturday night, finished Sunday, realized it was Hagrid-sized, ripped back a few rounds, and finished it to be normal sized. I just knocked about 4 repeats off the pattern to make it smaller.

The far right dishrag is, of course, the ball band dishrag. I made mine last night using only 33 stitches rather than 49, because I was using the leftovers and didn’t know how far they would take me. Got a pretty good dishrag out of it after all, and still have some leftovers!

So then, of course, I cast on for a new project. I have this lovely yarn left over from a Christmas present I made last year, and decided it wanted to be a headband for me.

headbandWhaddya mean, you can’t see anything? It’s a beautiful picture!

Basically, it is going to be a cabled braid bordered with seed stitch. Hopefully I’ll have enough to make it all the way around my head. If I fall short, I may have to get creative.



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