Making Bobbles the Gena Way

13 Sep

I am so close to being finished with the Tangled Yoke Cardigan I can taste it! Really, all I have left to do is pick up and knit the button bands, and of course find some appropriate buttons. What you have here is some safety pinned shots.

On to Bobbles:

There are many sites on how to make bobbles. Generally, a bobble involves something like this (for a 5 stitch bobble):

Kf&b 2X - now there are 5 stitches
turn work, purl across new stitches
turn, knit across
turn, purl across
turn, knit across
turn, purl 5 together
turn, continue on with the rest of your piece

As I am lazy, I don’t like having to turn my work, especially when it’s a large piece or a circular piece of knitting. It is fussy and annoying. Now, when I first learned how to knit, I was making this hat, which involves generating a few bobbles.

I looked up how to make bobbles, but couldn’t really understand the directions, so kind of took what I had read and made it up as I went. The result looked fine, and when I finally learned the “real” way to make a bobble, I actually liked mine better. Here’s what I do (sorry, I would have taken pictures but they really wouldn’t have helped any):

Kf&b 2X - now there are 5 stitches
Move sts back to left needle with yarn at back, and knit across
K2tog, K1, K2tog
S1, K2tog, Psso

There you go! No turning involved, and a nice little bobble. I’ve found that doing it this way keeps the bobble facing front, and treating it as icord helps keep it tight, not all floppy and weird shaped, which I get when I make bobbles the “real” way. Maybe that’s just me, though.

My three stitch bobbles for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan are done thusly:

move to left needle, K3
S1, K2tog, Psso

As for the hat, sadly it turned out too small even for my juvenile sized head. I passed it down to my niece, with the intention that she either grow into it, or give it away to some other little girl it will fit. I’ll definitely be making another one, though!



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