Coming Home

9 Sep

I am sitting in the Sacramento airport, waiting to head back to NC after my weekend in Lake Tahoe, NV/CA.

Baggage Claim Art

While this was a scientific conference, we had the afternoons free to wander around and do what we wanted. Which was wonderful, as I have heard that Lake Tahoe is very beautiful, and of course wanted to find out for myself.

The first afternoon a group of us headed out to see the fantastic lake.

Lake Tahoe

Click to see much larger (it’s worth it)

The water was so clear, and the scenery just amazing! How often do you get to see a lake surrounded on all sides by mountains? There was a nice sandy beach, and a great number of ducks and geese. A few of us put our feet in – boy was that water cold! Still, some locals were swimming and jet skiing.

The second afternoon we did a little hiking up the closest ski slopes. It was worth the steep slopes, though, for the views of the valley. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures, but I do have some mountain shots for you! On the way back today, I pulled over at a “scenic view” location and took some pictures looking back at the lake. I hope you can make out the lake in the first one. ETA: If you click to make big, you can barely see the lake in the valley at the right side. It’s tough to distinguish from sky.)

Lake Tahoe from afar

Mountain View
Today, I have an entire day to spend before my flight at 10:20 pm. To pass the time, I drove into Sacramento, thinking there must be plenty to do in a place this size and a capital city to boot. I would have been right, had it been any day but Sunday! Still, Sacramento is a beautiful city, friendly to pedestrians and bicyclers, is very clean, and has some lovely parks and waterfronts. I drove around seeing the sites quite a bit, and finally stopped in Old Sacramento to get some lunch (and ice cream!) and take in some local flavor.

Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento is a historically preserved part of town and gives off a feel reminiscent of the old mining towns out in Colorado. Which I suppose Sacramento probably was a mining town back during the California Gold Rush. My history here is not up to par.

Overall, I had a nice trip. I loved driving through the mountains and seeing new sites. I would come back to Lake Tahoe in a heartbeat, no matter what time of the year it is!

I’ll leave you all with a picture of half of a salt water taffy store. This is by far the most taffy I have ever seen in a space this small! I wish I had bought some, now!

Salt Water Taffy

ETA: I had to edit this a lot! Apparently lack of computer use over 3 days has made me forget the basics of typing.


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