Weekend Recap

4 Sep

Friday: Drove south to meet my cousin and her family as well as her parents for dinner! It was so much fun to see everyone, and we were sad that it was so short. But, children must get their sleep!

Finished the body of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan on the way there and back.

Saturday: Spent much of the day being lazy, my favorite way to be, and watching tennis. Knit almost an entire sleeve. Went to work at 6:30 pm, came home at 8 and finished the sleeve.

Sunday: Made DPN holder, sat around being lazy and watching more tennis. Started and almost finished second sleeve.

Monday: Went to work until noon, yuck. Came home and finished second sleeve. Joined sleeves to body, knit freakishly tight for a few rows, calmed down and knit normally while watching the new Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles movie, because we are cool like that.

body join
I have knit the first 2 rows of the cable pattern, I’m super excited, and as always, afraid I’ll run out of yarn. Should be able to make it, though, since I used less yarn overall (gauge issue) and made 3/4 sleeves. Still, some part of me has to have something to be paranoid about, so there you go.

freaky puppet bodyUnfinished yoked sweaters look a little freaky to me. Kinda like a floppy puppet.

Well, tomorrow I’m off to go to a scientific conference. I’ll be able to discuss viral oncogenesis, DNA damage responses, and microRNA’s without being looked at like I’m totally crazy. It should be fun! I may post from the conference, or I may not, we shall see!

I will leave you all with some notes I wrote to myself while failing at being a scientist yesterday:

Where my cells at?
Am I incapable of doing dilutions properly? Maybe…



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