Holiday Weekend

3 Sep

I love holiday weekends, particularly when I don’t have to go in to work. Unfortunately, this was not such a weekend, although I didn’t spend too much time in the lab. (I am writing this from the lab, though!)

For awhile I’ve been wanting/needing an organizer sort of thing for all my double pointed needles. I tried to keep the original packaging for storage purposes (and because I’m a huge pack rat), but many pairs of needles were floating freely in my drawer-o-needles. Sunday morning I sat down to the sewing machine with some left over fabrics and remedied the situation.

DPN organizer
I just kind of made this up as I went, so it is far from perfect, but as a happy accident I made just about the perfect number of slots for needles! I’m actually really pleased with it, and am hoping to make a similar holder/organizer for all my circular needles in the future. You can now check out my collection of DPN’s on my Ravelry page, if you have absolutely nothing better to do. I hope for your sake that you do have better things to do!

Clover Shawl
Thursday I finally got the chance to pick the Clover Shawl back up. Hooray! I really do enjoy working on this piece, despite what the interminably slow progress might suggest. It does not help that the rows are still over 600 stitches long. I did pick it up again on Saturday, and purled a single row. Then I picked it up on Sunday, but only to take pictures of it! I’m about halfway through the first repeat of chart C, the clover leaf repeat. Can you pick out the trapezoidal leaves? This will be getting plenty of work this coming week.

Next post, I’ll show you pictures of the ridiculous progress I’ve made on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. That’s basically all I’ve knit on since Friday night, so much has been done. In fact, I’m only 13 rows away from finishing the second sleeve, can you believe it?

Have a great Labor Day!



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