Knitting Goals

28 Aug

Today was our annual Fall Symposium at school. Each year, the new second and third year students give presentations over their research, and the second years receive their super special lab coats, embroidered with their name and the department title. It’s actually a really neat day, as we all move up a level in our graduate career. As I am now starting my 4th year, I didn’t have to present! Yea!

Halfway to the joining of the arms!

Currently, since I am nearing the point in my graduate career in which I will have to face the future, I have been thinking about my goals in school and life. You know, get a paper published by Christmas, keep the house more clean, that sort of stuff. I thought it would be a good idea to think about my personal knitting goals.

1. Be more of a perfectionist. There have been many references on this here blog about my love of being incredibly lazy. Did I tell you that this applies to my knitting as well? There are 2 seriously mis-crossed cables on my Cardigan for Arwen that I left because I couldn’t be bothered to drop down the 10 or so rows and fix them. They don’t bother me, but I vow to fix things in the future, rather than not caring. To make pieces that look professional, rather than homemade. In fact, I dropped back about 9 rows last night on my Tangled Yoke to fix a messed up decrease. Took a lot of willpower to actually do it, too!

Love that garter ribbing!

2. Challenge myself. I want most of what I knit to be a learning experience. A new technique, a new stitch pattern, whatever. I want to keep it all interesting by challenging myself with new things, and learning as I go. I started on this vein with the Marigold socks, where I tried a new heel, toe, and picot edging. My current projects are all challenging in their own ways: the Clover shawl requires a lot of attention, the Tangled Yoke Cardi is being modified, and the Counterpane Pullover is also seeing its fair share of adjustments.

3. Find something to do with all that left over sock yarn! Okay, I just couldn’t think of anything else, and only 2 goals seems pretty lame. On this note, however, I would like to knit more for other people. I had the idea of using extra sock yarn to make socks for Niece and Nephew, and would like to use leftovers in heavier weights to make hats or scarves for local charities. Any ideas?

Mmm…Wool. More accurate color.

Well, that’s about it! I suppose I could think of a few more goals, but these are the ones that really matter to me, and I’ve got enough goals to worry about as it is. No need to stress about the thing that helps me de-stress the most!


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