23 Aug

The back to school bags, along with Mom’s socks, arrived yesterday and are much loved! Sister-in-law put the Cars bag on Nephew’s shoulder like a messenger bag, and he ran around the house in it, apparently refusing to take it off for awhile. When she called to say thanks, Nephew wanted to say thanks and did so about 12 times in a row. “Tanks bag!”

Neice rolled around and made cute noises that I have interpreted to mean “thank you for such a lovely bag, I will allow my mother to carry it with pride!” Neice is super intelligent for being only 7 months old.

Oh, and Mom’s socks fit perfectly. My Brubber (that’s brother in Gena-speak) was amazed that they were dyed with Cool-Aid.

So what’s been shakin’ at mi casa?

I have pretty much finished the front (or possibly the back, they’re identical) of the Counterpane Pullover. This thing is gonna be hot, ya’ll. I was working on it at knit nite, and as it piled up in my lap I actually started getting a little sweaty! This sweaty making effect may have been exacerbated by the ridiculously large amount of people that were stuffed into the yarn lounge, in addition to the chunky pile-o-Wool-ease.

I haven’t gotten much done on the Clover Shawl. This is due in large part to the fact that I hate purling with a passion, and the idea of repeatedly purling across 600+ stitches is a bit of a downer. I made it through a quarter or so of a row last night. Wanna see?


Yesterday I took one of those cheesy online quizes to tell me how much of a nerd I am. Not that I really needed a test to answer that question, but apparently I am nerdy enough to feel the need to quantify my own nerdiness. I thought I was doing pretty well, not knowing all the Star-Trek and computer stuff, and thought I was headed for “low-level nerd” or something like that.

Then the science questions started coming, and low and behold it turns out I am nerdier than 76% of all people! I discount this questionaire, as its scientific validity has not been proven.


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