Knitting Passed Down

22 Aug
When I first learned to knit, back in 2004, I was having some problems deciphering the instructions I had printed out from the internet. As I sat on the couch, struggling to understand, GP takes my ugly knitting out of my hand and says, “I think this is how it goes” (or something like that, it was 3 years ago) and starts knitting!

I was baffled, until he told me that his Grandma knit and taught GP and his two siblings how to knit as well. GP hasn’t touched the needles since that day, but I do know his brother has knit several scarves for people in the family!

I was only fortunate enough to meet Grandma once, but I know we would have been good friends. The stories I have heard and the pictures I have seen show that she was full of life and fun and love. Sadly, Grandma passed on recently, and the family saw fit to hand down her knitting things to me.

First off, Grandma had several needles. Mostly Susan Bates, they range in size from 1 to 6, and include a few straight needles, several DPNs, and a few ciruclar needles. Some of the DPNs must have gotten lost over time, as there are two incomplete sets (2 needles and 1 needle) but they are the same size, and can be used together.

Also, she had a few knicknacks: a row counter and point protectors as well as pom-pom makers all still in the packaging, and a neat little chart converting ounces and grams. We all know that’s a handy thing to have around, and the creases in this paper tell me it was well used.

Grandma also had a set of 2 books, The Knitting Collection. These are binder books, and date to the 80’s I believe. The first volume has a wide range of basics, and includes finishing techniques, designing, and a stitch dictionary. The second volume is full of patterns for men, women, and kiddos, as well as some things for the home.



And honestly, several of the patterns are great as is, despite how dated they are.


Several others could be great with just a simple update; get rid of the bobbles and add a cable on the first, and change the collar of the second one.



And how great is this blanket? Just give it a color update, and it is very cool and mod, I think.


Sometimes, old fashions come back around – who would have thought that legwarmers would be in again? Sometimes, old fashions just need a few tweaks and updates to make them a great wearable piece. I’m looking forward to perusing these books even more, and learning how to alter patterns to make them wearable now.



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