Made with Love

20 Aug

A package is winging it’s way toward my family! Yesterday I finished sewing up the “back to school bag” for my nephew. It and the one for my neice should be there soon. I call them “back to school bags” even though the kids (nephew is 2 and neice is 7 mos) are not going to school. Both their parents, like most of my family, are teachers. The bags are meant to carry the kiddo’s stuff to the nursery while their parents are working hard!

I may have mentioned that my nephew loves Disney’s Cars. In fact, his grandfather bought him all of the figurines, and Mom has reported that they are some of his favorite toys. He knows all their names, and talks for them while he plays. He really is a very creative and smart toddler.

There are very few things about my current situation that I would change. Still, given the choice I would live much closer to my family. I grew up an hour from virtually everyone I am related to, and now my closest relatives live 3 hours away; the rest are 1500 miles away.

Racing flags, Kerchow!

I have only seen my neice once since she was born in January, when GP and I went home over spring break. I can’t believe how fast she is growing! I hear stories of how strong she’s getting, and see pictures of her adorable chubby cheeks, but would love to be able to hold her and cuddle with her.

So for now, my auntly duties are carried out from afar, through back to school bags made with love. I’m simply glad to be able to give to them in some ways, knowing that at least my nephew will be able to understand that Aunt Gena made this bag for him. Knowing he’ll like it makes the time and effort so much more rewarding!



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