Marigolds in Full Bloom

18 Aug

Pattern: Marigold Socks from FlintKnits

Marigold socks

Size: smallest (54 stitch circumference)

Yarn: Knit Picks bare superwash, dyed by myself and Mom

Needles: size 0 Crystal Palace DPN’s (these are majorly bent now!)

Marigold socks

Mods: Toe – I used essentially the figure 8 cast on to make the toe, casting on around 9-10 stitches and increasing to 54. I don’t actually know if I did this correctly. I had read about the cast on before, but didn’t refer to the article, just decided to wing it. I think the toes are slightly different, because I didn’t write this number down when I made the first toe!
Heel – Instead of the short row heel in the pattern, I used a reverse heel flap, of which I wrote about in this entry.
Picot edge – This sock needed more than just a regular ribbing to finish it off! So a picot edging was added, and I am really pleased with how it looks.

Marigold socks

Marigold socks

Notes: I really like this pattern! I love how the lace pattern gives a nice little wave to the purl row, making this simple pattern seem much more complex. The color changes in the yarn worked wonderfully with this pattern; I couldn’t be more pleased with how they compliment each other. The only problems are that the sock is just about half a centimeter too long, and is a bit tight getting it on. Those things aren’t too bothersome though, and I spent most of last night walking around with these socks on!



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