New Project and a Meme

17 Aug

Yesterday I cast on for a new lace project: the Three Cornered Shawl in Clover pattern, from VLT. Gotta love how they name those things.

I would have cast on sooner, but didn’t for two reasons. First, I needed the correct size needles. Second, I really had to build up some fortitude to cast on 624 stitches. Which I did twice, since I somehow managed to cast on backwards the first time (don’t ask). Want to know how much I got knit after that?

Clover Shawl

A quarter of a row. Knitting the first row after a backwards loop cast on is always tricky, but try doing that first row with a bunch of K2togs and SK2P’s. Once I get through this first row (which may take a week) I’ll be golden!

Okay, so. My cousin tagged me for a meme! I’ve never been tagged before, so I feel pretty special. This one is apparently fixated on the number 4. I cut out some of it, because it was long and I have a short attention span.

Four jobs I have had:

1. Pack and mail shop. I used to be able to tell you exactly what the cheapest way to send a package would be. No idea now, what with that being 7 years ago!

2. Cart girl at a golfcourse. The summer I worked there was one of the hottest summers in the late 90’s and I got a few good sunburns running around the course. That was also the summer my brother ran over my foot in his car, so I didn’t have to work in the cart barn for a few days because my foot was too swolen to fit in normal shoes.

3. Museum gift store my senior year of college. I basically got paid to do my homework, study for the GRE’s, and play on the internet.

4. Grad School. The great thing about the biological sciences is that they actually PAY you to GO TO SCHOOL! How awesome is that?

Four places I have lived:

1. My hometown – a small town about an hour west of a large city. It was a nice place to grow up, but I was ready to get out by the time I graduated high school.

2. My college town – not a large city, but unfortunately it was the big city in the region. I miss that place sometimes, because I really enjoyed my time there, and one of my best friends still lives there.

3. Where I currently live. I like this place. It’s just large enough to feel like a city, but still small enough to have that homey feel to it, which is really nice for a small town gal like myself.

4. Down the street from where I currently live. Ha! I had to have a fourth, and I’ve only lived in three places.

Favorite Food:

1. Peanut Butter. Seriously, I think the only person who can eat more PB than me is my Mom. I love the stuff and could eat it at every meal. Well, maybe not. No, I was right the first time, at every meal.

2. Mexican food – specifically the kind of mexican I grew up on, which is quite different from what I get where I live now.

3. Anything that has a bread-like consistency – I could never low carb!

4. Coffee – what do you mean that doesn’t count? It is a major staple of my diet.

I would rather be:

1. Back home with my family, spending much needed time with my tiny neice and nephew.

2. At the beach, being generally lazy and getting a nice tan.

3. Wandering through the British Isles and seeing some crazy old buildings and such.

4. Graduating! Okay, still another 2 years or so until that happens, but a girl can dream.

I tag:

1. katiedid

2. Elke

3. Juli

4. Karen



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