Sweaters and Heels

15 Aug

On Sunday or Monday, I can’t remember which, I got really tired of sock knitting, and really mad at the sewing, so I cast on for something new! Introducing what I have done so far on the Counterpane Pullover, from the Fall issue of IK.

Counterpane Pullover

The construction of the front and back is really interesting, as the central lace panel is knit in the round, and then each of the sides are worked individually to create the top, bottom, and two arms. I’ve only got about 45 more rounds to go before I am done with the front. That’s one of the great things about big yarn and huge needles! I’ve tried to capture what I’ve got so far of the central panel. I think it’s coming along nicely!

Counterpane Pullover

Can you make out the lace pattern? That’s about half of a leaf.

Now, let’s talk a little about heels. I have finished the heel for the second Marigold sock, and I now have only 5 pattern repeats and a picot edge to go before I am finished.

I deviated from the pattern and decided to try a new heel, a reverse heel flap with gusset increases. I got instructions from WendyKnits. The basic way this works is that, once the foot is the right length, you start increasing between the instep and sole stitches until you have the desired amount of stitches for the gusset (large gusset for big feet = more increases). Then you turn the heel in the same manner you would for a cuff down sock, but you don’t use up all the stitches, just enough to make the right size “cup” for your heel. Finish it off by making a heel flap, decreasing the extra heel stitches into the side of the flap where you would normally pick up stitches for the gusset. Make sense? No? Go read the directions, they make more sense.

Wendy suggests to start the heel 3″ short of the total foot length. I did so, and the foot is just a smidge too long, but not enough to warrant ripping it out. Apparently I should have started the heel sooner, but I think when to start will vary with each knitter – trial and error! Overall, I like this heel. I didn’t really enjoy the process of knitting it, because it involves a lot of purling, which I am not a fan of on sock needles. Still, I like having the heel flap. For some reason I think the flap will hold up better over time than a short row heel. Will I use this heel in the future? Absolutely! I give it a whole hearted recommendation for anyone wanting to try it!



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