Two More FOs

13 Aug

Next up on the FO show is Ms Marigold, a lovely design by the gals from Zephyrstyle. This is the only top down sweater I’ve ever done, and was a great introduction on how to use this technique. Besides, who doesn’t like to be able to try on their sweater as they go? I added about 2 inches to the width at the waist, to ensure that it was able to fit over my hips, and not bunch up. I also made the total lenght maybe an inch longer than called for; I wanted it slightly longer because I have a long torso, but also because I wanted to use up all my yarn!

Ms Marigold

Click for bigger!

The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Silk 8 Ply, in a beautiful green color. I started Ms Marigold in late March, after purchasing the yarn at the LYS‘s St. Patrick’s Day sale. The yarn is so soft, and the silky slubs dotted throughout give a really nice texture that adds a bit of interest to this simple sweater. This knit just flew by, and I reached my goal of having it completed in time to wear to the Davis Cup over Easter Weekend. I think it must have taken only 2 weeks, from start to finish.

For someone wanting to try top down sweaters, but not wanting to commit to an entire sweater, this is a great pattern! Since it is small, it could be knit from silk, cotton, 100% wool, or any mixture thereof, to give a knit that can be worn in any climate for any season. I can’t wait for cooler weather to get here so I can start wearing mine more!

Ms Marigold

Next up, and sticking with the green theme that seems to be going on around here, are my pair of Fetching! I think everyone who knits made at least one pair of these great fingerless mitts, and I made two.

This pair I made for myself, over a 3 day weekend trip we took to see GP’s Grandmother in Florida. They are really easy, and would be a great introduction to cables and to making mittens, as there are great directions for adding the thumb hole. The yarn is Fantasy Yarns Cashmere Luxury Aran in a nice limey green. Unfortunately, the yarn hasn’t held up that well, and there is a considerable halo around the mitts and a bit of pilling. But the are great for keeping the hands warm while driving!


I made a second pair for my mother-in-law for Christmas, out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a great burgundy color, which I actually liked better than my own!

Well, I guess that’s it for the old FOs. I made a lot of things for Christmas last year, but don’t have any pictures of them, as that was pre-blog. Too bad, because I was really proud of the Backyard Leaves scarf, Ene’s Scarf, my Shifting Sands, and a few hats that I designed myself. Maybe I can convince my family to send me some pictures!



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