Truckin’ along

10 Aug
Note: I have been fiddlin’ with my html, trying to adjust my layout somewhat. Can you see everything okay in your browser?

Thanks so much for all the nice comments on the Hedera socks. I really love them, and highly recommend everyone makes a pair!

Here is the progress so far on the second Marigold sock. I am still loving this pattern! The lace repeat is a 7 row repeat, making it easy to memorize, and also easy to fall into the “just one more repeat” trap! This trap is a good thing, though, as it makes the sock go by that much faster. Of course, I had to rip back a repeat because I somehow forgot what I was doing, but oh well!

Monday I ordered some fabric from Ethelbird to make a bag for my nephew. I was pleasently suprised when it arrived today! This online retailer has a large selection of children’s fabrics at great prices and the turnaround time is really impressive, so I recommend giving them a try sometime!

The fabric is Disney’s Cars! My nephew loves this movie (and so do all us adults!) so when I saw this fabric online I had to buy it. Word is that his daddy is exvited about the Cars stuff too! I’ll get started on that this weekend, and hopefully get it finished early next week, so I can mail both bags off before school starts up again.

This weekend I’m going to take some pictures of old FO’s for Ravelry, and I’ll post the pictures and pattern reviews here. There will be the Cardigan for Arwen (scroll down on the webpage), Ms Marigold, Fetching, and a wrap and scarf I designed for myself.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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