One pair down

6 Aug

Two to go!

The knitting mojo was in full swing yesterday! Actually, I think it was more that GP and I decided to be lazy and spend the day watching movies and TV and pretending that groceries didn’t need to be bought and that the house was perfectly clean. (Well, the house is actually pretty clean….we did that on Saturday!)

By lunch I had finished the second of Mom’s socks! Yea! They’re a little crazy in the color department, but who ever really looks at your socks? Especially in the winter when they are worn with long pants and boots.

I blocked them as soon as I grafted the toe, and they are currently drying on top of the dryer. That sounds funny, but I put all my blocking pieces either on the bedroom floor and close the door (so the cats won’t get it), or on top of the dryer and washer. Speaking of, yesterday was “wash your handknits day” at our house, so both the washer and dryer are covered in knitted items!

So, then, as soon as I laid out Mom’s socks to dry, I cast on for the second Hedera sock. And I knit. And knit some more. And kept knitting until midnight. And I made it entirely through the leg of the sock.

Today I will turn the heel, and maybe even get through some of the gusset decreases. Which would be totally awesome, as I cant’ wait to cast on for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Speaking of, I should swatch for that tonight.

I’ll leave you with one more picture from our vacation. GP took this one because he loved the look of the old Fiat. We (or at least I) didn’t realize what a great picture it is until viewing it on the big computer screen when we got home. Doesn’t it look like a picture you might see in a calendar or notecard prints? I think GP should look for a contest to enter it into, maybe get his picture published or something! How cool would that be?



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