In the Queue

2 Aug

Okay, so. I have started the second of Mom’s socks, and am now knitting as fast as I can! I did all but six rows of that last night, plain stockinette, so it will go fast.

Why am I knitting in earnest? Well, because my new Interweave Knits arrived yesterday, and I want to make everything in it! Okay, not quite everything, but a lot of things. And my rule is that I cannot purchase yarn for new projects until I have completed the current ones. And I have too many going as it is!

Now, usually I want to make a few things from each issue of IK, but generally one pattern really jumps out at me as the must make pattern. Like Roza’s socks or the Josephine top. But this issue has quite a few really great patterns. And I can’t decide which I want most!

I think everyone will be wanting to make this one. Isn’t Eunny Jang a genious when it comes to knitwear design? I love cardigans and cables, and this cable is just so interesting!

And, I have yarn in my stash for it! The yarn was originally purchased to make GP a sweater with, but I wound up not liking the color. It’s a nice bark brown color, and it would have make GP look like, well, a tree because he’s so tall. So it is being reclaimed.

I am also going to make this sweater. It’s a Pam Allen design, I think.

Now, this isn’t one of my favorites, because it’s knit with bulky weight yarn, and bulky knits tend to make the wearer look even more bulky. That and it calls for size 10.5 needles, which are far bigger than I like working with. But, I have yarn in the stash for this, as well. That yarn was going to be a cardigan, but didn’t work out. I may not wear the sweater out much, but it should be good for laying around the house in something more stylish than GP’s sweatshirts emblazoned with his work logo!

Those two sweaters will effectively use up my entire stash!

Since it appears that I am a selfish knitter and only knit for myself (okay, and my mom and babies) I am going to make a sweater for GP. And I think this is highly appropriate:

It is, of course, designed by Jared of Brooklyntweed. And I think it is fabulousness defined. The only problem with knitting for GP is that he is so tall! I think I’ll have to add a few inches to the arms and length of the sweater to make sure it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a shrunken sweater. That’s one of the great things about handknits, though. Customizing a peice to fit exactly how you want it to, and not having to make due with what is available.

But for now, it’s all socks all the time until I get them completed. Then, I’ll start casting on!


2 Responses to “In the Queue”

  1. Elke August 2, 2007 at 9:55 pm #

    I am in love with the tangled yolk cardigan as well. Sadly, I haven’t got anything in my stash that is appropriate.

    I ordered the yarn for my first lace last night (I want to make sure it’s here when I finish my oral defense). However, I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to make. There are too many beautiful things in Victorian Lace Today to choose one!

  2. Karen August 3, 2007 at 12:00 pm #

    I also, LOVE the tangled yoke cardi…it’s soo beautiful. I may put that on the distant future list – I have too much going on now. Your mom’s socks are looking good! I love the marigold sock from the last post too. Missed you this week – hope to see you soon šŸ™‚


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