Friday Night Knitting

13 Jul

Not sure about the Monkey. After working 2 full repeats, the pattern is a bit hard to see. I’m just not sure if it’s working, and not sure if I like it all that much. There is some strange pooling going on in that one part, but the rest isn’t pooling at all. It’s also a little large for my skinny feet. Yeah. They’re gonna be frogged as soon as this post is done.

Yesterday morning, in a shameless attempt to keep from going to work, I decided to ball up one of the skeins of navy lace weight that Elke gave me. I used what may possibly be the craziest math scheme ever to guesstimate the yardage. It involved measuring the laid out skein, counting all the strands, and multiplying the two numbers to get the length in inches. Then dividing by 36 to get the yardage. After scouring the Internet, I found out that a 50 g hank of this stuff has 570 meters, or approximately 520 yards. Nice! So I could safely estimate to have about 1000 yards of this particular yarn.

I finally went to work after that, and took the little ball with me. When no one was looking, I plopped it down on the highly sensitive lab scale. It weighed in at 47.65 grams. Sweet!

Now, what to make with this? I was going to host a little vote on this here blog, but made up my own mind before I could let ya’ll make it up for me. So this will go on to become the Alpine Knit Shawl from VLT. It will be a nice little challenge, and the pattern is just so beautiful! I mean, just look at it! Those are the new Addi Lace needles there. I do love them, even after only knitting 5 rows. I must get all my favorite sizes as soon as possible!

Now, I’m off to finish cleaning the house and start packing for vacation! I know you’re all so jealous!


One Response to “Friday Night Knitting”

  1. Elke July 14, 2007 at 1:36 pm #

    I got my copy of VLT this week and I’ve decided the alpine lace shawl is my favorite in the book. I probably won’t start that one first because they say it is quite challenging. I want to do it justice. I’ll be admiring your progress for sure!

    Have fun in Italy!!!

    P.S. I have also smuggled yarn into the lab to weigh it. It’s always a thrill to find you have 60/100 grams remaining after you’ve finished a pair of socks!


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