Weekend activities

9 Jul

The notion that people like to laugh at other people’s misfortune remains true. I have never had so many readers as the last post generated! I’m glad I could entertain you all for a moment, even if it was at the expense of my bum. Funnily enough, I checked my cousin’s blog this morning and laughed to see that falling down stairs ran in the family this weekend. Thankfully we only have minor bumps and bruises and her precious cargo was only a little rattled!

Saturday I watched Venus Williams make history by winning Wimbledon for the fourth time and finished the first of Mom’s socks.

Sunday, I watched Roger Federer make history by winning the Wimbledon for the 5th time (!) and managed to knock out 2 dishcloths during the 3.5 hour long match! And boy, was that a match to watch for tennis fans!

I was endlessly entertained (and so was GP, but don’t tell him I told you) by how the big dishcloth turned out with a kind of plaid pattern in the colors. I can only assume it was supposed to do this, as I can in no way claim to have done that myself. Well, I could claim that, but it would be a lie. Did you know (of course you didn’t, I never told you) that I have never knit dishcloths before? No idea why, but maybe it seemed a little too granny-ish or something. Still, it was an enjoyable mindless activity that kept my hands busy.

Then Sunday night we watched a really terrible movie, the plot of which I never really figured out (I won’t say the name, in case someone really liked it and I would be insulting them), and I worked on the Hedera sock. We now have a heel, and gusset decreases have commenced. I love this sock. It is my precious and I may cry with both joy and sadness when the pair is finished.

Lest you think all I did this weekend was sit around and watch TV, we went hiking up in the mountains on Saturday. We went about 8 miles on some pretty strenuous paths. When I woke up and got out of bed on Sunday, I might have fallen down from sore leg muscles. Okay, I did fall down. My calves did not want to cooperate until a few hours later in the day, and even then they managed to keep protesting.

Knitting may be slow this week, as I need to actually start cleaning the house before we leave for vacation. Apparently, talking about cleaning and making lists of what needs to be done does not magically result in sparkling floors and dust-free ceiling fans. Strange, huh?


One Response to “Weekend activities”

  1. katiedid July 10, 2007 at 9:17 am #

    I love the watermelon-y sock and I have to admit that when I saw the dishcloth I was immediately going to comment and ask how you did that. 🙂


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