When thinking ahead works out

27 Jun
I was merrily knitting a sock for my Mom. Three pattern repeats were done on the leg, and since Mom generally wears shorter socks, it was high time to make a heel and start knitting happily down the foot. Interesting how the yarn is striping like that, isn’t it? A little busy, but it really does stripe almost every row.

This particular stitch pattern (dragon skin – there are several charts scattered around) has very little ease built in, as the decreases spaced throughout make a biased fabric. In a stroke of genious I would not have suspected of myself, I decided to try said sock on, just to make sure I could get the leg part over my heel.

Oh dear. Mom and I have basically the same size foot, although mine is a little longer. Do you see how I can’t get the leg over my heel? This certainly will not work. If I had tried harder, I could possibly have gotten it on. However, the entire thing would have needed to be cut off, as there is certainly no way I could have gotten it back off my foot.

So here is where the sock is now. Actually, I have put the needles back in now, but haven’t had the heart to knit on it at all. In fact, I haven’t had the heart to knit on anything, really. Maybe it’s the summer, maybe it’s the desire to read books that require the use of hands. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I have had an uncharacteristic desire to do absolutely nothing lately. I think I may simply make these socks plain vanilla socks rather than patterned, so as to alleviate the need to use any cognitive thought while knitting. This might help.

In other news, I have started the baby sundress. I think it will come out exactly as I have it in my head, and I shall be knitting on it exclusively until I finish it. At a gauge of 3.75 st/inch and 4.5 rows/inch, it shouldn’t take to long to make a garment that is at most 15 inches wide and 18 inches long.


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