Moving Forward

20 Jun

Yarn was ordered from Simply Socks Yarn Co. on Thursday, and it arrived on Monday. Shipped the same day it was ordered – now that’s what I call good service!

Last night I finally got the chance to sit down and initiate Phase 5 of the Maltese Shawl. Yes, we are now in Phases. What are they, you ask? I’ll answer.

Phase 1: Cast on and knit main panel. Complete. Granted, this took quite a while because it was on and off knitting, but once I became dedicated, the 88 repeats were done quite quickly.
Phase 2: Work knitted-on border. We all know how that is going. Almost Complete
Phase 3: Salvage phase, wherein I attempted to recover ever strand of yarn over 6 inches in length from a mutilated ball. This was fairly successful, but not as much as I had hoped. Complete
Phase 4: Acquire a new ball of yarn so this dang thing can be finished. Complete.
Phase 5: Knit as fast as I can so I can quit obsessing over a ginormous piece of lace. Which, once completed, will lead into Phase 6. 7 Repeats to go!
Phase 6: Buy more pins and block. But remember, don’t block it too ferociously, or it will span the entire length of Rhode Island. Possibly enlist the help of other knitters so this task doesn’t take 8 hours to complete. Oh, and keep all the animals away.

Phase 5 will continue tonight at Knit Nite. Should only take a couple of days. Or possible just tomorrow, so I can move on to socks. Speaking of socks:

Oooo, Aaaah! Cherry Tree Hill in the Jewels colorways. The picture doesn’t do it justice; there are a lot more turquoise and purple shades in there. It is so absolutely me that I’m giddy with joy!
Tomorrow we will discuss plans for all this sock yarn. I have patterns picked out and ready to go.


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