Bite the Bullet

8 Jun
It has become apparent, despite my mad lace knitting mojo, that I do not have enough yarn to finish the Maltese Shawl. I have 11 border repeats to go, and maybe enough yarn for 3 more or so. The search is on!

I have already scoured the LYS where the yarn was originally purchased. There are none left. Now, this may be my fault, as it is possible that I purchased all the yarn in this colorway to begin with. I really think I left one or two balls, though.

Massive and intense internet searches have yielded results. Several online vendors sell this particular colorway, but after shipping and handling, a $6 ball of yarn costs about $10. Hard to swallow for me. A second search gave the names of several yarn stores within a 50 mile radius. I will commence with calling each and every one as soon as normal business hours arrive. Keep your fingers crossed! Oh, and in case any of you out there reading have a stash of Crystal Palace Kid Merino that you would be willing to trade for, it is the Fern colorway (#9806, lot B).

I have been asked just how big this shawl actually is. The pattern states to block the shawl to 93 X 26 inches. Unblocked, mine is 93 X 22 or so. I’m aiming to give it a good stretch width-wise, which will serve to shorten the length by approximately 2 or more inches. I’ll take before and after blocking measurements (mostly for my own amusement, I just love the magic of lace blocking), and most likely a trip to the store will be in order to obtain some more pins. I don’t think I have enough for this whole monstrosity!
For the visual learners reading:

We have a standard 3 seater couch. Cat included for scale is enormous (he looks so petite in this pic! How cute!). Like, really enormous. 13.75 lbs and a huge head enormous. Now look back at the shawl. Monstrosity. I couldn’t even get the whole thing to fit in the frame standing all the way across the room! How crazy is that?!? The best part is, if I get cold while knitting on it, I just wrap the portion I’m not working on around me; it’s a really warm piece of lace!

2 Responses to “Bite the Bullet”

  1. Elke June 8, 2007 at 7:14 pm #

    If you’re unable to find it at one of the local yarn stores send out the word what online retailer you’ll be ordering from and maybe some of us can also order things so we can split the shipping. 🙂

  2. Karen June 8, 2007 at 10:44 pm #

    that shawl is georgous-i hope you can find more yarn! Looking forward to seeing you for knitting and tea tomorrow 🙂


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