Oh, Josie! & Random Thursday

31 May

Last night at Knit Night, the Josephine top and I spent some quality time together. Only about 2 inches left , so I should be able to finish the back today! She is my new favorite. Nona is making one too, in a really great color.

Let me give a review of the pattern so far. It is a really easy knit, with alternating rib and lace patterns for the lower body, and a really simple stitch pattern for the upper. The background texture for the lace pattern is moss stitch, so if you’re not a fan of alternating knits and purls every row, this might not be the pattern for you. But it is oh-so-lovely and I promise it just flies off the needles!

The entire thing is knit flat in two pieces, with very little waist shaping at all. I suppose shaping could be added by taking out more stitches along the sides and in the ribbed portions, although the amount is limited. However, the piece really seems to need little shaping. Worked in a cotton yarn, the drape of the knitted fabric should allow the garment to shape to the wearer somewhat, meaning a nice flattering fit for everyone.

The armhole, shoulders and neck shaping on the back are clearly written and very simple. I’ll comment on the front once I get there! I can’t wait to have this finished and be able to show everyone some pictures.

Random Thursday:

1. I prefer wooden to metal needles. I think it’s because I get cold so easily, and like for my hands to stay warm while I knit. On the needle topic, I only use circs, never straights. The weight of the fabric hanging off the straight needles pulls on my wrists too much and causes them to hurt.

2. GP bought me a new coffee pot yesterday to replace the broken percolator. I’m drinking coffee from it right now, and it rocks!

3. I actually wrote most of this post last night at work! Just didn’t publish until today so I could include some pictures.

4. Check out Rose-Kim’s Thursday blogs. Always worth reading.

5. KnitPicky, my LYS, has been having a massive sale the past two weeks. I have shown enormous restraint and bought nothing so far. Today I am going to buy needles, and shall shun all the wool. After I pet it all first and promise it that one day it will come home with me, of course.

Happy Thursday, everyone!



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