Submission at last

23 May

The Maltese Shawl and I are best friends again. Our love has grown exponentially, and I am a very happy knitter. Progress has gone across two of the corners, and I guesstimate that I have about 40% of the border completed.

Notice the big pile of fluff at the back of the left photo? That’s all borderless shawl as well.

At any rate, I’m hoping to have this done within the next week or so, and get it blocked. ‘Cause really, the whole point of knitting lace is the blocking part. It’s pure magic, I tell ya.

In other news, I ordered some fingering weight KnitPicks Bare the other day, and it got here yesterday! My Mom is coming in for a long-awaited visit next Thursday, and we are going to dye some yarn together. I predict Mom will dye hers blue. Once it’s all dry I am going to make her something out of it (she doesn’t knit). Probably socks, since I made her a lacey scarf last year for Christmas and there isn’t much need for multiple blue scarves in the southland!


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