Unproductive Weekend

20 May

I started on the border for the Maltese shawl while watching the Preakness coverage. I know, I know, but I love horse racing! I managed to get quite a bit done, until I hit the first corner.

Now, turning the corner of a knitted-on border is highly structured, and mine just wasn’t looking right at all. Then I noticed that I had started putting on the border about 3 repeats closer to the corner than I was supposed to. So essentially, I had run out of room to work the corner. Nice. Thus, I ripped out all 10 repeats I had already finished and started over. Here’s what I have to show.
Here’s where I had made it before I ripped.
Here’s how big the actual shawl is. See the teeny little area I’ve covered already?

I can report, however, that the border works up really fast, so once I sit down and get going, I can get a lot done in a short amount of time. But due to these complications, the Maltese Shawl and I are no longer on speaking terms. It is in a time out in the knitting basket, and I am instead attempting to shame it into submission by working on other projects instead. Perhaps now it will behave.

One Response to “Unproductive Weekend”

  1. Ann Marie May 22, 2007 at 10:27 am #

    The Maltese shawl is going to be amazing! Bring it in to the shop when you are done.


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