A Tale of Two (or Three, or maybe Four) Cast Ons

19 May
I decided to make the Josephine top from the latest IK. I got my yarn and needles, and cast on!

Then, I realized that the way I cast on sets the stitches up for a purl row. I want my cast on edge to look like knit stitches, not purl. Rip #1.

New cast on! 138 stitches, beautifully set up for a right side row. Start knitting according to the instructions. Apparently, casting on this way makes for some verrrry tight stitches. So tight, in fact, that I could feel the blood vessel in my head straining for each stitch. Rip #2.

Cast on #3. This time, I cast on 138 stitches onto a needle 2 sizes bigger, then transferred the stitches back to the working needle. Excellent! Knitting these bad boys is no problem. I am flying through row 1 of the charts, and get to the end of the repeats. But wait….There are some stitches left over. How can that be, when I cast on 138 and the pattern clearly states to cast on….
Oh. The pattern clearly states to cast on 128. Not 138. Rip #3.

Cast on #4 gets it done, and while watching Desperate Housewives last Sunday, I managed to make it through an entire pattern repeat.



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