On to the Border!

18 May

Last night, during Grey’s Anatomy, I finished the last pattern repeat for the main body of the Maltese shawl. Whew! That took awhile to wrap up. It’s a simple, 6 row repeat over 76 or so stitches, with patterning on both RS and WS rows. Still, it was very easy to memorize, and the lace itself was easy to read once I got the pattern down.

Now it’s on to the border! No idea yet how much of a challenge this will be. The border repeat consists of 30 rows, but fortunately they are short and easy. Hopefully it will zip along! I’m really wanting to get this beast finished in time for our vacation to Italy in July. What a great accessory this will make for chilly evening walks through Rome!

I’ve really enjoyed the yarn I’ve used for this project. Crystal Palace Kid Merino is soft and squishy. The mohair content keeps the yarn sticky, making it almost impossible to lose dropped stitches! But the merino content makes it smooth and soft, not scratchy at all, despite the mohair. Definately the type of yarn to use for beginner lace projects.

Just a note – don’t leave your yarn hanging out on the couch! Apparently, while the novelty of yarn has worn off for the cats, the puppy is still enthralled with the stuff. I may have to get another ball to replace the half-ball the dog knotted up so badly. Oh well, lesson learned the hard way!



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